The Sisters of Mary Immaculate of Nyeri Welcome You

SMI Charism

Sisters of Mary Immaculate of Nyeri is a religious family that has inherited the precious gift of the Holy Spirit’s passion and compassion that irrupted in the consciousness of our founders Mother Julia Muthoni, Mother Jusepha Wambui, Sr. Filippina Njeri and Bishop Filipo Perlo.

Every day, we are summoned by God to behold the wonders He has done for them, discern how the gift they received is continually unfolding before us and continually develop it with the personal charism that He has implanted in our hearts.

Sisters Celebrating the 100th+ Anniversary Centenial Celebration

We are called to embrace the beatitude of purity, Mt:5:8 and like our founders, we understand that we must carry out the mission of the Church with attentiveness to the signs of times, “without taking into account the fatigue or fear of the wilderness and great forest”, in order to implant, spread and maintain faith among the people of God especially among women, girls and children.

SMI Sisters celebrating 2021

In whatever ministry we undertake, we must always remember that, like our Founders and first members, we must let the spirit impassion us so we may bring our “brothers and sisters who are lying in the dark” into the light of Gospel.

Evangelical Counsels that every SMI embraces:

We vow for a life that calls us to faithfully practice consecrated celibacy, asceticism and contemplation. In this state, we are called each day to lead lives marked by purity of heart, indomitable commitment and complete self-abnegation.

  • By vowing for chastity, we have “chosen to give ourselves totally to Jesus” and in renouncing marriage, we have “chosen Him alone.”
  • By vowing for poverty, we have “renounced all-possessions as well as relations-out of the love” of Jesus.
  • By vowing for obedience, we proclaim that, “there is nothing on this earth that could make our souls happier” than to totally surrender to His will.




“Here I am Lord, I come to do your will….Ps.40: 8-9

Vocation is a gift from God. Vocation comes from Latin word “vocare” which means to call. It is an invitation to follow Jesus more closely.

Christ our Lord tells us in the Gospel according to St. John, “You did not choose me, but I chose you” (Jn 15:16). Jesus’ choice for us is what makes a vocation to be different from a ‘career’ or ‘occupation.’ It is very important for one to discover ones’ vocation because fulfillment, happiness, and ultimate salvation is dependent on one responding to God’s desire and purpose which He had from all eternity. As one discerns vocation, it is key to remain open to the Holy Spirit and pray for guidance.

Helpful Resources

  • Spend time in adoration before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. God speaks to souls in different ways. God can use spectacular ways like He called Moses and Abraham. Often, He uses ordinary ways to reveal His will to us.
  • It is key to pray and listen.
  • Listen to what He says.
  • Pray the rosary with the intention of seeking God’s will.
  • Talk to a priest or religious who can help guide you.



We invite women ages 18-30 to take time to listen to God’s voice as they discern their vocation to Religious Life. If you feel like God is calling you to come share the Charism of Sisters of Mary Immaculate of Nyeri.

Stages of Formation

“Here I am Lord, I come to do your will….Ps. 40:8-9

The Sisters of Mary Immaculate Congregation has a comprehensive formation program for their formees. There are four stages; giving each candidate time to discern her personal “call” from God. These stages are as follows:

  • Aspirancy
  • This is the first stage of SMI formation. It is a time when a young woman is accepted to start the searching journey in the SMI family. She becomes familiar with the congregation, its life of prayer and work.

    start the searching journey in the SMI family
  • Postulancy
  • This is the second stage. The Aspirant is now accepted to postulate stage of formation. During this time, she enters more deeply into the life of community and continues to study the congregation’s charism with a love and devotion to Our Blessed Mother Mary.

    postulate stage of formation
  • Novitiate
  • During the Novitiate, the Novice enters a more profound life of prayer and study as she embraces her desire to live the evangelical vows of Poverty, Chastity, and Obedience for the sake of the kingdom. This time set aside, allows her to focus on her relationship to Jesus, her devotion to Mary, and gain an appreciation of the congregation’s history. Additionally, she is helped to develop an attitude of gratitude for the founders’ generosity; all of which she hopes to emulate as she lives her religious vocation in faithfulness, joy, and dedication.

    religious vocation in faithfulness, joy, and dedication
    Novitiate life of prayer and study
  • Vowed Life
  • When a Sister of Mary Immaculate makes First Profession, she knows she has been given the opportunity for good discernment. The entire process takes a period of at least 4 years during initial formation and 5 years from the time when one makes 1st profession to the time that one commits for life.

    By the time a Sister takes her perpetual vows, she has been immersed into the life and charism of the congregation in such a way, that her joy of commitment over flows; touching and renewing all the members who promise to support her!

    commitments to vowed life
    Sisters making commitments to vowed life

    silver and gold traditional attires
    Jubilarians (Silver and Golden)dressed in traditional attires

    Sisters dancing during jubilee celebration
    Sisters dressed in traditional attires dancing during jubilee celebration

    Sisters spread good news
    Sisters walking to spread good news

    sisters sharing joy of consecration
    Old and young sisters sharing joy of consecration

    Postulants apostolate
    Postulants during village apostolate

    Postulants Community procession
    Community procession

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From Christ, a sister learns true poverty of spirit and complete trust in Divine providence. The spirit of poverty gives her willingness to serve Christ in the poor, the neglected and the suffering, so that God’s abundance may reach to all (S.M.I Const. #25)


By the vow of Chastity, a sister offers to Christ her total and undivided love. This involves the obligation of perfect continence observed in consecrated celibacy (SMI cont. # 20)


By the vow of obedience, and in the spirit of faith and love, a Sister voluntarily submits her will to her lawful superiors. Superiors act in the place of God when missioning sisters in accordance with the Institute’s own law (S.M.I const. # 34)