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The children of Kiamumbi need your help.

Current Age: 15
Samson Ndune was born in 14/6/2008 being the second born in the family of six
children. He stays at Kawangware Slums where he stays with their Single
The child stays. in a single room together with the other Five kids and their mother
also who is jobless and she is not able to take care of them by providing their basic
needs. The kids normally loiter in the streets to beg for the food. She is even not
able to pay for their school fees. Any assistance accorded to him will be highly

I would like to sponsor
SAMSON in Kiamumbi

Jane is in PP1 at Maria Immaculata Education Center, she was abandoned by her mother when she was 1year old and now she lives at Gadarenes Children home. The home handles many vulnerable children thus they lack some of the basic needs. If assisted Jane will brighten her future and that of her family.

I would like to sponsor
JANE in Kiamumbi
Current Age: 15
John was born on 5th Nov 2009, been a first born of three. He is in Grade 5 at Maria Immaculata Education Centre. He lives with both of his parents who are jobless hence unable to cater for the basic needs of the family.
The parents depend on daily casual labour which at times is hard to get which makes its hard to pay even the house rent which is a single room with no electricity. John loves education. Any assistance given him will be highly appreciated.

I would like to sponsor
JOHN in Kiamumbi

Hope is in PP2 at Maria Immaculata Education Center, she is 7 years old and a third born in a family of three. They are of a single mother who is a farmer and is struggling to raise their school fees. If helped she will bring hope to her family.

I would like to sponsor
HOPE in Kiamumbi