Sponsoring a Child Helps Provide Hot Meals & Medical Care

In Bahati (a massive slum area within Kenya's largest city), the Missionary Sisters have established a child rescue mission in an effort to help save the lives of these little ones before more of them die. "The boys and girls here are poorer than anyone could possibly imagine," Sr. Jane Ann (director of the shelter) explains. "Many of the children were found at the city dump -- digging for something to eat. Once we see them there, our Sisters tell the children to come here. Once they are here, we offer them a hot meal as well as provide them medical care if they are in need."

Slums of Bahati just outside the convent Waiting for a new pair of shoes

"We have also set up a school here in Bahati," she continues. "Our hope is to educate the children and help them develop skills so that as they grow older, they will have some trade that will help them find employment."