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The children of Kangaita need your help.

Current Age: 15
Mercy was born in Kirinyaga Countyon 1st November 2007, she is in Grade 6. Her mother is single and mentally sick , she got sick when wambui was 9 months old and so Wambui was taken to her old grandmother to stay with her. Later on when she was in pp1 the mother gave birth to another child while still sick and too the daughter was taken to be with the grandmother. The two are under care of their old grandmother who is very poor and this situation forces Wambui to conduct the daily chores including cooking, washing cloths and working as casual labour on Saturdays and during holidays so to support the grandmother and her younger sister. Any assistance accorded to her will be highly appreciated so to help her aqcuire her goal in life.

I would like to sponsor
Mercy in Kangaita
Current Age: 14
Viona was born in Kirinyaga on 8th June 2008. Her father is an irresponsible alcoholic and the mother is sickly and has no job. The mother has great problems in providing the needs of the child. They live in a nearby slum and rely on well-wishers. When the mother goes to seek medical attention or even when she misses to get job because she depends on casual labour, the child rely on sisters to provide for food.  Viona is in Grade 6, any assistance given will be appreciated to help Viona meet her goal and transform her family.
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Viona in Kangaita
Current Age: 8
Bravo  Kuria Wairimu was born on 25th April 2014 in Nairobi County. At the age of two years, the parents separated due to violence and alcoholism with the father. The mother sought refuge in a village in Kirinyaga County. She is jobless and has real difficulty in providing for the children. She also turned to drugs due to frustrations. This is a needy case and we would appreciate if she is given assistance to meet the basic needs of the child and also assist him in getting education so that he will become self-reliant in future.
I would like to sponsor
Bravo in Kangaita