Fresh Water
for Mweiga, Kenya

Gathering water in plastic jugs to use for cookingIn Mweiga, Kenya, the Missionary Sisters currently staff and administer a hospital, orphanage and school to serve the poorest people of the region. Mweiga is about two and a half hours north of Kenya’s capital city of Nairobi. The hospital and orphanage were established there a number of years ago because of the great number of poor widows and orphans living in the region. For so many of them, our facilities offer the only hope for receiving any kind of medical assistance if they become sick.

Because of the remoteness of the facilities and the depth of poverty there, the Sisters were only recently able to obtain water for the hospital and orphanage. Before that, they had to walk to a local river to get water for themselves and the patients. Needless to say -- we thank God for the gift of water there!

But as the drought throughout East Africa worsens, we need to address the water crisis again.

Currently, the Missionary Sisters are in urgent need of at least three deep bore-hole wells to provide water for the orphanage, the hospital and the school in Mweiga. The current source of water is a shallow well and -- as a result -- runs dry whenever we are without rain for extended periods of time. In addition, because of the increased number of children at the orphanage and the school -- the shallow well simply cannot provide enough water for everyone. The need is too overwhelming! Is there any way you can help?

A bore-hole well taps into the purest water on earth. But the cost of drilling such a well has now reached $5,700! Other costs also include purchasing pipes and other items such as faucets, concrete and cement blocks. The cost to complete each borehole well project is $8,450. And at least three wells would be needed: one for the orphanage; another for the hospital; and a third for the school. A gift of $5,700 would help pay for the actual drilling. A donation of $1,250 would help purchase many of the additional materials that will be needed for one well. With $520, the Sisters could purchase pipes and valves. A gift of $75 would help purchase galvanized wire to support the concrete. Even $20 would help purchase a bag of cement! God bless you for your generosity and caring.